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The Power of Honey

Honey is one of nature’s best kept healing secrets!

Is honey the world's most underrated sweetener? We think so. In addition to being a natural sweetener with a significantly lower glycemic index than sugar, it also never expires!

Most homes have a bottle of honey stored next to the flour and sugar—but not many fully understand the healing power of honey. Raw honey (not commercially sold honey) contains a mix of enzymes, natural vitamins, and important nutrients for the human body.

The health benefits of honey are wide ranging, but here’s a few for you to snack on:

Immune Booster

Honey is rich in antioxidants such as phenolic acids and flavonoids. It’s also worth noting that some studies show honey promotes the production of white blood cells in the body. These natural killer cells help to extinguish infections and seasonal bugs.

Cough Remedy

Honey can act as a natural lozenge. For an extra powerful remedy, mix it with lemon, cinnamon, and hot water!

Natural Disinfectant

Topical honey treatments have been used to heal wounds, infections, and burns for thousands of years, with reports dating back to Ancient Egypt. Honey naturally contains hydrogen peroxide which acts as a powerful disinfectant and antiseptic.

Not only is raw honey good for you, but it’s also delicious!

 And not many people know this, but the taste and colour varies dramatically depending on what flowers the honey bees draw their nectar from. Similar to varieties of wine, honey proves to have remarkable contrast based on its geographical location.

Blueberry honey from Maine is amber-hued, rich and dense with a blueberry aftertaste. White sage honey from sage shrubs in California is light yellow and has a floral aftertaste. Buckwheat honey from upstate New York is dark brown with a strong and malty buckwheat flavour.

When using honey in the kitchen, you’ll see that the possibilities are truly endless. Here are some ways you can use honey to elevate your favourite recipes:

  • In coffee
  • In parfaits
  • On oatmeal
  • For glazing salmon
  • In lemon ginger tea
  • In vinaigrette for salads
  • As a sweetener for baking cookies, muffins, or brownies

Adding honey to your favourite drinks and meals is easy. But a small drizzle can quickly turn into a big mess.

Years ago, we put our heads together to create the world's first solid honey product.

Now instead of getting sticky goo everywhere, you can drop a Honey Drop into your favourite hot drink—with the added benefits of real Canadian honey.

And to optimize the health of our community, all of our products are made without:




Artificial colours

Artificial flavours

Artificial sweeteners

High fructose corn syrup

For an extra boost of flavour and immune function this fall, check out some of our famous honey products.

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