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Why are parents hiding these gummie vitamins from their kids?

When John & Susan Rowe set out to create Honibe, they never could have guessed this would happen…

For the first time ever, kids of all ages are excited about taking vitamins… To the point that parents are actually hiding away their own secret Honibe stash.  😆

Yes you heard that right, unfortunately for thousands of Honibe loving parents across the country, their kids can’t get enough of these delicious honey gummies… Especially since the school year is approaching.

But why exactly are these vitamins different? And more importantly, why (on some extreme occasions) are Canadian families using honey gummie vitamins as a household currency?

"I buy them for myself and my 20 year old kids go through them in two weeks..."
- Honibe Mom

Reason #1: The fall and winter seasons are approaching, which means BACK TO BOOKS for most Canadian families

(Keep reading for more details on Honibe’s highly anticipated Back to Books sale.)

It caused  quite the BUZZ: Turning down $1,000,000 on Dragons’ Den, going to the International Space Station with Chris Hadfiled, winning the Global SIAL d’OR award for best new food product and growing from two people in a basement to 165 employees and a 32,000 sq ft factory...

Reason #2: Honibe products have completely disrupted the worldwide honey industry… 

One thing is for sure - It’s been a long journey for a family owned honey company from Charlottetown P.E.I Canada!

These variety bundles are designed for families of all sizes with the top selling honey gummies and lozenges from this year.

Here are the honey vitamins your family CAN’T GO WITHOUT this Back to Books season:

But Honibe didn’t stop there. Canadians asked and they delivered. As of August 22nd, the highly anticipated BACK TO BOOKS Bundles have now been released.

What's in the Back to Books Bundles?

Our 5 most popular gummies in amazing discounted bundles. Packed with Multivitamins + Melatonin + Omega-3 for your family's needs.

1: Melatonin Gummies

Why make a melatonin gummie?

There is nothing worse than not being able to sleep at night: Stressful day? Can’t turn your brain off? Tossing and turning? - Canadians deserve better.

That’s why Honibe created melatonin infused honey gummies to help people get the rest they need.

Melatonin usually comes in a chalky pill form. Once you try a Meltonin Gummie Bee, you’ll never go back!

Our gummies contain 5 mg of melatonin per serving and are made with pure Canadian honey, sweet dreams!

Powerful antioxidant

Helps you fall asleep faster

Supports eye health



Helps reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases

Stimulates brain health, particularly learning and memory

Aids in to shortening the length of a common cold

2:  Adult Multivitamin + Immune Gummies

Why Make a Multivitamins + Immune?

Our Multivitamin Plus Immune Gummie Bees provide an added immune boost with vitamin C, echinacea & zinc.

Unlike normal vitamins, these gummiebees are made from 100% pure Canadian honey. The honey is then packed with 11 essential vitamins and juiced up with vitamin C, echinacea & zinc to fortify your immune system. Best of all... they taste great and are on sale!

Supports healthy blood flow

Stimulates brain health, keeping you sharp!

Aids in reducing blood pressure


3: Omega-3 Gummies

Why did we pack our honibe gummie bees with Omega 3’s?

Most people have heard about how great fish oil is for you, but the hidden secret is that it usually tastes awful! 

So Honibe set out to create a vitamin gummie that harnesses all of the power of fish oil but uses natural Canadian honey to mask the taste.

Why are Honibe Omega-3 Gummies making such a SPLASH? Well, first of all, they’ll leave you saying “Omegad these are good”. But more importantly, they provide top quality EPA and DHA fish oils without the gross fishy taste. 

Best of Honibe uses sustainably sourced wild fish, none of which are caught for the exclusive production of oil and none are threatened or endangered species.


Think of it like sunshine in a bottle! (Your immune system loves sunshine)

Promotes healthy teeth

Keeps your bones healthy and strong

4: Vitamin D Gummies

Why Make a Vitamin D gummie?

Honibe Vitamin D Bone Health Gummies have been rated as Honibe’s best tasting gummie! 

They’re raspberry flavoured pure honey vitamins with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3 per serving. Your immune system and taste buds will be thanking you.

All Canadians know that dark winter months are ahead. Vitamin D is essential for our immune systems, if you can’t get it from the sun, then get it from a proudly Canadian vitamin company!

Natural ingredients, no unwanted additives, vegetarian, gelatin free & Allergy free

Pure Honey kids formula = great taste & great for you

Made and shipped in Canada


5: Kids Immune Gummies

Why make a Kids Immune gummie?

Honibe kids immune gummies have been an instant family favourite! Don’t let the little ones feel left out, these great tasting immune multivitamins are specifically designed to keep kids happy and healthy.

Most importantly, they contain Echinacea, Zinc and 11 other vitamins to maximise kids immune armour. 

Only buy these gummies if you’re ready to hear “Moma I want more Honibe” on a daily basis! 


Perfect for commuting

Organic - Only 3 ingredients!

Echinancea & Zinc = Immune super boost

6: Vitamin C & Immunity Lozenges

Why Make Vitamin C & Immunity Lozenges?

Honibe uses their proprietary technology to make lozenges with pure dried honey! Our Vitamin C and Immunity Honey Lozenges are the perfect “On The Go” immune boost to pack with you this fall.

These lozenges are specifically designed for Canadians who want to keep their immune system fortified while they’re out and about.

What can 100% natural Canadian honey do for you? Well, honey's powerful antioxidants go a long way to...

✅ Help fight against heart attacks and strokes.

✅ Lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol.

✅ Promote healthy blood flow to the heart.

The following bundles are specifically designed to fit the needs of Canadian families during this school year. Honibe has proudly helped provide vitamins to thousands of Canadian families, what can they do for yours?

Stock Up And SAVE

One time purchase.

1x Adult Immunity + 1x Omega-3 + 1x Immune Lozenges


Study Sharp Bundle

SAVE 15%



One time purchase.

Study Sharp Family Bundle 

2x Adult Immunity + 1x Melatonin + 1x Omega + 1x Immune Lozenges + 1x Vitamin C Lozenge



SAVE 25%


Interested in kids gummies? Honibe has the whole family covered:

One time purchase.

1x Adult Immunity + 1x Kids Immunity + 1x Vitamin C Lozenges


Family ABC’s Bundle

SAVE 15%



Family Super Bundle

2x Adult Immunity + 1x Vitamin D + 1x Omega-3 + 2x Kids Immunity + 1x Immune Lozenge + 1x Vitamin C Lozenges.

One time purchase.



SAVE 25%


The Word’s Out

Canadians Have Been Buzzing:

"Yummy gummies and happy that they are made in Canada"

Good CANADIAN product

Carl Smith

"I've always been searching for a multivitamin that I can give my family but have been worried about using gummy forms as they're so unhealthy. Thankfully, Honibe has healthy and tasty all-in-one gummibee."

Whole family is a fan


"They were great! Easy to travel with"

Thanks for Honibe for making a gummie I can TRUST!

Crystal W

“For something that is not loaded with sugar and other nasty stuff, my kid waits for it like a treat everyday.

It's a treat


“I continue to buy these as my children love them. Good quality!

Good quality

Monica Rose

“Love love love this product!!. Ever since I started using Honibe's Omega-3 Vitamins my hair and skin has been so much healthier! It's so hard to not eat more than 3 a day because they taste amazing! I will definitely be buying more 😊”

Love love love this product!!

Waylon T